covers – thrasher, november 2009

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@thrashermag cover – november 2009 photo: @burnout . footage: @flipskateboards, “extremely sorry” (2009) filmer: @tweestopher . skater: @geoffrowley . trick: impossible . spot: la habra high roof gap la habra, california united states . . additional notes (swipe to view): … raw footage of @geoffrowley’s impossible. . from @flipskateboards, “geoff rowley: roof-gap blues” (2010) … geoff rowley’s impossible was the last trick logged for “extremely sorry”, and also the most expensive: $22,000 in fines and lawyer fees 9 days in jail felony vandalism and trespassing . from a @bo_def_son interview in the december 2009 issue of @transworldskate done by @oliverbarton and ben kelly. … . . . . #thrasher #november2009 #geoffrowley #michaelburnett #chrisgregson #impossible #lahabra #skateboarding #skatehistory #trickreport #photovsfootage

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Photo: Thrasher – November 2009
Michael Burnett

Skater: Geoff Rowley
Trick: Impossible
Spot: La Habra High Roof Gap
La Habra, California
United States

Footage: Flip, “Extremely Sorry” (2009)
Ewan Bowman

Additional Notes:
Geoff Rowley was charged with Felony Vandalism and Trepassing and paid $22,000 in fines and lawyer fees to land this impossible over a roof gap (source).

Trick discussed on Weekend Buzz in Episode 74 – Part 2 (2013). – covers: thrasher, november 2009


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