covers – transworld, february 2005

@transworldskate cover – february 2005 photo: @mikeomeally . footage: @flipskateboards, “extremely sorry” (2009) filmer: @frekleface . skater: shane cross . trick: frontside nosegrind . spot: el toro lake forest, california united states . . additional notes (swipe to view): … shane cross’ warm-up frontside smith and first-try frontside nosegrind at el toro. . from @thrashermag, “happy birthday shane” (2014) … @mikeomeally on the session at el toro. . from @transworldskate, “shine on, you crazy diamond” (2007) … . . . . #transworld #february2005 #shanecross #mikeomeally #leedupont #flip #extremelysorry #frontsidenosegrind #eltoro #lakeforest #skateboarding #skatehistory #trickreport #photovsfootage

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Photo: Transworld Cover – February 2005
Mike O’Meally

Skater: Shane Cross
Trick: Frontside Nosegrind
Spot: El Toro
Lake Forest, California
United States

Footage: Flip, “Extremely Sorry” (2009)
Lee Dupont

Additional Notes:
skately – El Toro High School
Mike O’Meally on the trick, from Transworld, “Shine On, You Crazy Diamond” (2007):
“The first time I realized Shane was special was when he was talking to himself. Now, a lot of mentally gifted (and mentally challenged) people have been known to chatter away, but the difference with Shane was that his one-man monologue took place in the middle of a midnight Smith grind down the legendary El Toro handrail in Orange County. He was yammering to himself about who knows what, and then, within minutes, he was poised perfectly on a nosegrind and landed it in one try-no bails and no worries.”


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