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covers – focus, september/october 2011

Photo: Focus Cover – September/October 2011
Zander Taketomo

Skater: Joe Tookmanian
Trick: Frontside Crooked Grind Fakie
Baltimore, Maryland
United States

Footage: 5Boro, “Join Or Die” (2012)
Peter Sidlauskas

trickReport.com: covers – Focus, September/October 2011


covers – focus, july/august 2011

Photo: Focus Cover – July/August 2011
Ben Kilpatrick

Skater: Eby Ghafarian
Trick: Frontside Ollie
Brooklyn, New York City, New York
United States

Footage: Naysayers, “Know No” (2011)
Colin Read

Additional Notes:
Eby Ghafarian on the frontside ollie, taken from his blog (2011):
“We went to this spot one day because I figured someone could film a trick from one bench to the next one (I think Tim Bennett was on deck), and I started playing around on it, trying some trick, then realized that I was getting my ollies easily past the first bench, so I hucked a couple at the far bench, over the middle one and wasn’t too far off. It got too dark that night to see what I was doing, so I went back the next day and ended up getting rained out, then went back another time and kept trying until I got too tired, then went back again and just as I was about to give up for the day, I stuck it. The landing being made of plastic made many attempts just slide across, which was tricky.”

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