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covers – transworld, august 2015

@transworldskate cover – august 2015 photo: @sammuller . footage: @transworldskate, “am transmission: antonio durao” (2015) filmer: @thejoeface . skater: @antoniodurao . trick: switch 360 flip . spot: montgomery elementary six block san jose, california united states . . additional notes (swipe to view): … @zackwallin tells the story of how @antoniodurao made quick work of the six block in san jose with a switch 360 flip and his first cover. . from @transworldskate, “behind the cover: antonio durao” (2015) … . . . #transworld #august2015 #antoniodurao #sammuller #joeface #amtransmission #switch360flip #montgomeryelementary #sanjose #california #skateboarding #skate #photo #skatevideo #skatemag #behindthecover #trickreport #photovsfootage

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Photo: Transworld Cover – August 2015
Sam Muller

Skater: Antonio Durao
Trick: Switch 360 Flip
Spot: Montgomery Elementary Six Block
San Jose, California
United States

Footage: Transworld, “Am Transmission: Antonio Durao” (2015)

Additional Notes:
Transworld – In This Issue – August 2015
Transworld – Behind The Cover: Antonio Durao
skately – Montgomery Elementary


covers – transworld, may 2015

covers – thrasher, april 2015

covers – thrasher, august 2015

Photo: Thrasher Cover – August 2015
Jeremy Adams

Skater: Sascha Daley
Trick: Kickflip
Louisville, Kentucky
United States

Footage: Element, “Sascha Daley Welcome To Element” (2015)

Additional Notes:
ThrasherMagazine.com – August 2015

covers – transworld, november 2015

covers – thrasher, february 2015

Photo: Thrasher Cover – February 2015
Dan Zaslavsky

Skater: Ben Raybourn
Trick: Invert
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Footage: Thrasher, “King Of The Road” (2014)

Additional Notes:
ThrasherMagazine.com – February 2015

covers – thrasher, july 2015

Photo: Thrasher Cover – July 2015
Michael Burnett

Skater: Rowan Zorilla
Trick: Ollie Frontside Wallride
Los Angeles, California
United States

Footage: Vans, “Propeller” (2015)
Cody Green

Additional Notes:
ThrasherMagazine.com – July 2015
Trick and Spot discussed in X Games, “Skaters In Cars: Rowan Zorilla” (2017)
Raw Footage in Rowan Zorilla’s “Propeller” RAW FILES (2015)