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covers – skateboarder, february 2006

Photo: Skateboarder Cover – February 2006
Brian Gaberman

Skater: Corey Duffel
Trick: Frontside Nosegrind
Spot: Rusczyk Rainbow Rail
Sebastapol, California
United States

Footage: Foundation, “Cataclysmic Abyss” (2007)
Stephen Duffel


covers – transworld, may 2011

Photo: Transworld Cover – May 2011
Brian Gaberman

Skater: Nyjah Huston
Trick: Backside Lipslide

Footage: Element, “Rise And Shine” (2011)

Additional Notes:
Transworld – In This Issue – May 2011
Transworld – Behind The Cover: Nyjah Huston (2011)

covers – skateboarder, december 2004

Photo: Skateboarder Cover – December 2004
Brian Gaberman

Skater: Andrew Reynolds
Trick: Frontside Kickflip Shifty
Spot: Rincon 4 Block
Escondido, California
United States

Footage: Baker, “Baker 3” (2005)

Additional Notes:
skately – Rincon Middle School