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covers – transworld, november 2001

Photo: Transworld Cover – November 2001
Skin Phillips

Skater: Dustin Dollin
Trick: Kickflip
Spot: ?, Australia

Footage: Transworld, “Sight Unseen” (2001)

trickReport.com – covers: Transworld, November 2001


covers – transworld, november 1995

Photo: Transworld Cover – November 1995
Skin Phillips

Skater: Josh Kalis
Trick: Backside 180
Spot: Battery Spencer
Sausalito, California
United States

Footage: No Footage

Additional Notes:
Transworld – TWS Archives November 1995 Vol. 13 Issue 11
Cover/trick mentioned in “chromeball interview #46: josh kalis” (2012):
What about that classic backside ollie Transworld cover? Did that ever come out in a video?

No, there wasn’t a filmer that day. That was Skin and I trying to think of a place to skate. Somebody brought up this old Fort Miley-style spot on the other side of the bridge so we went and hit it. With the bridge in the background like that, I wanted to try and get something because I knew it would end up looking tight. Skin was down and that was that.

But that thing was ridiculously hard to skate. There was no pushing to get enough speed. You had to push a little and then make a 90-degree turn while grabbing on to this bar and yank yourself around in order to get speed. That was rough, but also after you land, there’s a slight downhill that immediately turns into gravel. It’s the most pointless thing you can ever fucking skate… but the photo came out dope.”

trickReport.com: covers – Transworld, November 1995


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