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covers – the skateboard mag, october 2004

Photo: The Skateboard Mag Cover – October 2004
Dave Swift

Skater: Alex Chalmers
Trick: Frontside Ollie
Spot: Reedsport Oregon Skatepark
Reedsport, Oregon
United States


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covers – the skateboard mag, august 2016

Photo: The Skateboard Mag Cover – August 2016
Dave Swift

Skater: Kevin Kowalski
Trick: Backside Loop
Irvine, California
United States

Footage: The Berrics, “Next New Wave” (2016)
Josh “Peacock” Henderson

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covers – the skateboard mag, july 2006

covers – berrics, october 2017

covers – transworld, november 2000 (photo annual)

Photo: Transworld Cover – November 2000
Dave Swift

Skater: Heath Kirchart
Trick: Backside Tailslide
Spot: Oceanside 13
Oceanside, California
United States

Footage: Transworld, “Sight Unseen” (2001)

Additional Notes:
skately – Oceanside High School
Footage of this trick is in the Bonus Footage of “Sight Unseen”, rather than Heath Kirchart’s actual part.
Trick and Cover is described by Dave Swift in The Berrics, “In The Loupe – Dave Swift On Heath Kirchart” (2016).
Blog post by Dave Swift describing the Trick and Cover;
“When I got the chance to shoot the cover of a Photo Annual I was so hyped and knew that Heath Kirchart was the right guy to shoot. We talked and he came up with the idea of using a giant American flag as the background for the spot he’d be skating. I didn’t have one so Heath went out and bought one on his own and started thinking of a spot and trick. The first spot we tried was in LA so I filled my car with some humans ([Shad Lambert] and [Tania Moyron] were two of them) and drive up to meet Heath. Arrived at spot around 1:00 AM and it was super windy which affected skating and flag holding. After a few back Smiths Heath decided he was over it and wanted to come up with a better trick and spot. A couple days later we met him across the street from Oceanside High at 1:00 AM where he informed us the gate was locked but he would go cut the chain with his Sawsall. We could hear him trying to cut the links from across the street and after several minutes he gave up and came up with a different way to get through the fence–drive his ex-police car into the gate. Yeah, exactly what he did and a few minutes later we met him inside, got generator and lights going, hoisted flag and Heath started going for a backside tailslide. This was pretty much the first time I used a Hasselblad and I wasn’t super happy how the photos came out (some motion blur) but this was the image Heath liked best. My 35mm shots from a different angle were my favorites but the angle wasn’t what Heath had in mind.”

covers – transworld, december 1994

Photo: Transworld Cover – December 1994
Dave Swift

Skater: Geoff Rowley
Trick: 360 Flip
Spot: Oceanside High 13
Oceanside, California
United States

Footage: Transworld, “The Dreams Of Children” (1994)

Additional Notes:
Dave Swift tells the story of the trick:
“It’s funny how all this went down. I might’ve met Geoff Rowley before this day but definitely had never shot a photograph with him. Geoff was fairly new to California and Jeremy Fox brought him to my house and we talked about places Geoff might want to skate. Oceanside High was the spot and when we got there a few others were already skating. I think Danny Mayer was there but I can’t remember who else. So Geoff rolls up to the stairs and tries a pop shove–which he landed first or second try. He ran back up the stairs and said he was gonna try and 360 flip them, which to me at the time seemed impossible. Well, he put it down in a few tries; the first of which you can hear Geoff say “dodgy” in Dreams Of Children, runs back up stairs and does another, cleaner than the first and that was it. Dudes watching were blown away and this shot landed on the cover of TWS soon after in 1994.”

skately – Oceanside High School

covers – transworld, february 1994

Photo: Transworld Cover – February 1994
Dave Swift

Skater: Mike Frazier
Trick: Frontside Blunt
Spot: Harrow Halfpipe
Harrow, London

Mike Manzoori, “Sound and Video” (1993)
411vm, “Issue 2” (1993)

Additional Notes:
Dave Swift tells the story of Mike Frazier’s Front Blunt at Harrow Skatepark:
“In the early 90’s the summer trips to the Euro contests were a crazy good time. You’d fly into one country and hop on trains to get to all the contests. In 1993 there were pro contests in Münster, Germany, Antwerp, Belgium and North Hampton, UK (3 consecutive weekends). A day or so prior to the UK contest there was a session at Harrow Skatepark (in 1994 concrete was a rare treat) and Mike Frazier was ruling the janky old relic. I did my best to get my flash(es) ready to get a good shot of him doing the frontside blunt (another rare treat, especially padless in those days) and as luck would have it TWS had a cover!”

Cover mentioned in The Nine Club Show Episode 51 with Ryan Clements

covers – transworld, february 1999

Photo: Transworld Cover – February 1999
Dave Swift

Skater: Heath Kirchart
Trick: Frontside Lipslide
Spot: El Toro
Lake Forest, California
United States

Footage: Birdhouse, “The End” (1998)

Additional Notes:
skately – El Toro High School

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covers – the skateboard mag, may 2004

Photo: The Skateboard Mag Cover – May 2004
Dave Swift

Skater: Heath Kirchart
Trick: Frontside 50-50
Santa Barbara, California
United States

Footage: Alien Workshop, “Mind Field” (2009)
Justin Regan

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