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covers – the skateboard mag, june 2004

Photo: The Skateboard Mag Cover – June 2004
Atiba Jefferson

Skater: Eric Koston
Trick: Switch Kickflip

Footage: eS, “K6 Commercial” (2004)

trickReport.com – covers: The Skateboard Mag, June 2004


covers – transworld, november 1998

Photo: Transworld Cover – November 1998
Mike Blabac

Skater: Eric Koston
Trick: Backside Nosebluntslide
Spot: Hubba Hideout
San Francisco, California
United States

Footage: Chocolate, “The Chocolate Tour” (1998)

Additional Notes:
skately – Hubba Hideout

covers – transworld, november 2000

Photo: Transworld Cover – November 2000

Skater: Eric Koston
Trick: Backside Noseslide
Spot: Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles, California
United States

Footage: eS, “Menikmati” (2000)

Additional Notes:
skately – Hollywood Bowl