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covers – thrasher, june 1999

Photo: Thrasher Cover – June 1999
Josh Stewart

Skater: Jeff Lenoce
Trick: Frontside 5-0
Spot: Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, Florida
United States

Footage: 411vm, “Issue 33” (1999)

Additional Notes:
ThrasherMagazine.com – June 1999

trickReport.com – covers: Thrasher, June 1999


covers – slap, june 2004

Photo: Slap Cover – June 2004
Joe Brook

Skater: Kenny Reed
Trick: Ollie
Spot: Sound And Light Theatre
Giza, Giza Governorate

Footage: Josh Stewart, “Static II: The Invisibles” (2004)
Josh Stewart

Additional Notes:
Trick/Cover mentioned in “10 Years After ‘Static II’: An Interview with Paul Shier” (2014):
What was it like skating in Egypt at that time? I mean, the US and British forces had JUST invaded Iraq. Westerners weren’t exactly popular in the middle east. I think we told everyone we were Canadian, remember?

I actually don’t remember this at all, maybe you were just dreaming of being a Canadian.Just getting to skate at the Pyramids was insane, paying off the security so that Kenny could film a trick there was incredible. I am sure not too many people can say they did that or could get away with it now. Check out his old Slap cover and footage from his part in Static 2 ,so sick!”