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covers – the skateboard mag, july 2016

Photo: The Skateboard Mag Cover – July 2016
Eric “Rodent” Cheslak

Skater: Kyle Walker
Trick: Backside Boardslide
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

Footage: Volcom, “Holy Stokes!” (2016)

trickReport.com – covers: The Skateboard Mag, July 2016


covers – thrasher, january 2017

Photo: Thrasher Cover – January 2017

Skater: Kyle Walker
Trick: Kickflip
Los Angeles, California
United States

Footage: Vans, “No Other Way” (2016)

Additional Notes:
ThrasherMagazine.com – January 2017
1 of 2 Thrasher covers for January 2017