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covers – transworld, march 2015

Photo: Transworld Cover – March 2015
Dave Chami

Skater: Chris Haslam
Trick: Wallie Backside Feeble Grind Transfer
Cupertino, California
United States

Footage: Transworld, “Chris Haslam Pro Spotlight” (2015)
Carson Lee

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covers – slam, february/march 2015

Photo: Slam Cover – February/March 2015
Andrew Mapstone

Skater: Rowan Zorilla
Trick: Backside Wallride Ollie
Brisbane, Queensland

Footage: Vans, “Propeller” (2015)

covers – thrasher, march 2015

Photo: Thrasher Cover – March 2015
Jared Sherbert

Skater: Anthony Van Engelen
Trick: Switch Backside 5-0 (over the back of the rail)
Spot: Columbus Park Rail
Manhattan, New York
United States

Footage: Vans, “Propeller” (2015)

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