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covers – transworld, february 1994

Photo: Transworld Cover – February 1994
Dave Swift

Skater: Mike Frazier
Trick: Frontside Blunt
Spot: Harrow Halfpipe
Harrow, London

Mike Manzoori, “Sound and Video” (1993)
411vm, “Issue 2” (1993)

Additional Notes:
Dave Swift tells the story of Mike Frazier’s Front Blunt at Harrow Skatepark:
“In the early 90’s the summer trips to the Euro contests were a crazy good time. You’d fly into one country and hop on trains to get to all the contests. In 1993 there were pro contests in Münster, Germany, Antwerp, Belgium and North Hampton, UK (3 consecutive weekends). A day or so prior to the UK contest there was a session at Harrow Skatepark (in 1994 concrete was a rare treat) and Mike Frazier was ruling the janky old relic. I did my best to get my flash(es) ready to get a good shot of him doing the frontside blunt (another rare treat, especially padless in those days) and as luck would have it TWS had a cover!”

Cover mentioned in The Nine Club Show Episode 51 with Ryan Clements