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covers – transworld, july 2009

Photo: Transworld Cover – July 2009
Sean Cronan

Skater: Brandon Westgate
Trick: Ollie Frontside Wallride
Newark, New Jersey
United States

Footage: Zoo York, “State Of Mind” (2009)

covers – thrasher, july 2015

Photo: Thrasher Cover – July 2015
Michael Burnett

Skater: Rowan Zorilla
Trick: Ollie Frontside Wallride
Los Angeles, California
United States

Footage: Vans, “Propeller” (2015)
Cody Green

Additional Notes:
ThrasherMagazine.com – July 2015
Trick and Spot discussed in X Games, “Skaters In Cars: Rowan Zorilla” (2017)
Raw Footage in Rowan Zorilla’s “Propeller” RAW FILES (2015)

covers – transworld, january 2013

Photo: Transworld Cover – January 2013
Sam Muller

Skater: Raven Tershy
Trick: Ollie Frontside Wallride
Spot: Plaza Edison
Panama City, Panama

Footage: Girl/Chocolate, “Pretty Sweet” (2012)

Additional Notes:
Transworld – January 2013