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covers – slap, march 1998

Photo: Transworld Cover – March 1998
Lance Dawes

Skater: Sergei Trudnowski
Trick: Ollie
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Footage: Transworld, “Transmission 7” (1999)
Ryan Gee

Additional Notes:
LanceDawes.com – Slap, March 1998


covers – transworld, january 2002

Photo: Transworld Cover – January 2002
Ryan Gee

Skater: Chad Muska
Trick: Backside Bluntslide
Zurich, Canton of Zurich

Footage: Transworld, “Videoradio” (2002)

covers – transworld, may 2002

Photo: Transworld Cover – May 2002
Ryan Gee

Skater: Brian Wenning
Trick: Switch Backside 180
Spot: LOVE Fountain
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Footage: DC Shoes, “The DC Video” (2003)
William Strobeck

Additional Notes:
Trick and Cover discussed in Bobshirt, Brian Wenning Interview (2016)
Ryan Gee comments on the Cover in chrome ball interview #54: ryan gee (2013)
“The reason for this angle was because there were over 50 skaters in the way of the shot. I figured by climbing up the LOVE sign and shooting down, I’d eliminate the majority of people. The end results were more than overwhelming.

TWS only photoshopped out Fat Bill and Frankie to give it a cleaner look.”

Brian Wenning on the trick, from his Village Psychic Interview (2018):
“It was Gee’s idea to shoot from above. I can’t even believe he got up there, he doesn’t exactly have the best coordination. He’s up there with a Hasselblad in his hand just looking down. Someone from Transworld told him they had an opening for a cover, so Gee took me aside and was like ‘You have the opportunity to get a cover’. So I was like ‘I am getting the fucking cover’. That was the first time I tried it, but it had been an idea for a while. I’ve never even ollied it.”

covers – transworld, march 2002

Photo: Transworld – March 2002
Ryan Gee

Skater: Josh Kalis
Trick: Frontside Nosebluntslide
Spot: City Hall
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Footage: DC Shoes, “The DC Video” (2003)

trickReport.com – covers: transworld, march 2002