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covers – the skateboard mag, august 2006

Photo: The Skateboard Mag Cover – August 2006
Scott Pommier

Skater: Tony Tave
Trick: Switch Backside Lipslide

Footage: Circa, “It’s Time” (2006)
Lee Dupont


covers – transworld, may 2005

covers – thrasher, june 2003

Photo: Thrasher Cover – June 2003
Scott Pommier

Skater: Heath Kirchart
Trick: Backside Lipslide
Spot: CSU Northridge Rail
Northridge, California
United States

Footage: Habitat, “Mosaic” (2003)
Justin Regan

Additional Notes:
ThrasherMagazine.com – June 2003
skately – CSU Northridge

trickReport.com – covers: thrasher, june 2003