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covers – skateboarder, june/july 2012

Photo: Skateboarder Cover – June/July 2012
John Bradford

Skater: Daniel Lutheran
Trick: Frontside 50-50
Spot: Big Red
Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States

Footage: Thrasher, “King Of The Road” (2017)

Additional Notes:
ABD by Micah Hollinger in 303 Boards, “Out Of The Blue” (2000)
Daniel Lutheran talks about the trick in The Berrics, “PUSH | Daniel Lutheran: Meology – Episode 3” (2017)
Daniel Lutheran talks about the trick in X Games, “Skaters In Cars: Bonus – Looking At Schools” (2017)

covers – skateboarder, november 2011

Photo: Skateboarder Cover – November 2011
Ben Colen

Skater: Elijah Berle
Trick: Wallie Backside Boardslide
Los Angeles, California
United States

Footage: Girl/Chocolate, “Pretty Sweet” (2012)

covers – skateboarder, december 2012/january 2013

Photo: Skateboarder Cover – December 2012/January 2013
Ben Colen

Skater: Raven Tershy
Trick: Ollie
Spot: Foshan TV Tower
Foshan, Guangdong

Footage: Girl/Chocolate, “Pretty Sweet” (2012)

covers – skateboarder, may 2009

Photo: Skateboarder Cover – May 2009

Skater: Leo Romero
Trick: Frontside 50-50 Up
Spot: Owen Wilson Rail
Los Angeles, California
United States

Footage: Emerica, “Stay Gold” (2010)

covers – skateboarder, february 2005

Photo: Skateboarder Cover – February 2005

Skater: Heath Kirchart
Trick: Switch Kickflip
Spot: Stairs over Handrail

Footage: Alien Workshop – “Mind Field” (2009)

Additional Notes:
chrome ball incident #883: deadpan

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