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covers – the skateboard mag, march 2013

Photo: The Skateboard Mag Cover – March 2013
Anthony Acosta

Skater: Daewon Song
Trick: Blunt Kickflip to Fakie
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Footage: DVS, “DVS Does Detroit” (2013)

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covers – transworld, january 2009

Photo: Transworld Cover – January 2009
Mike O’Meally

Skater: Colin McKay
Trick: Backside Melon
Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg

Footage: DC Shoes, “Live From Europe Tour” (2008)

Additional Notes:
Mike O’Meally on the trick, from Transworld – Your Favorite Transworld Skateboarding Cover of 2009:
“In a small town in the forests of Stuttgart, Germany, Colin McKay was shown this little gem of a volcano while on DC’s Live From Europe tour. The tiles were pretty rough, and he even took a mean scrub into the floor, but the tough S.O.B. got back up and spanked a lofty air over the hip, while most of the guys had trouble hitting the lip.”

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