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covers – transworld, october 2006

Photo: Transworld Cover – October 2006
Mike O’Meally

Skater: Brian Anderson
Trick: Backside Crailslide

Footage: Nike, “Nothing But The Truth” (2007)


covers – transworld, july 2010

Photo: Transworld Cover – July 2010
Dave Chami

Skater: Taylor Bingaman
Trick: Frontside Grind
Spot: Power Inn Oververt
Sacramento, California
United States

Footage: Transworld, “Hallelujah” (2010)

Additional Notes:
Transworld – Behind The Cover: Taylor Bingaman
Dave Chami on the trick, from Transworld’s “2010 Covers & The Stories Behind Them”:
“My favorite is Taylor Bingaman’s. It’s cool because it’s at a skatepark in Sacramento that Taylor skates a lot, it’s also where I shot his Check Out less than a year before he got the cover. We went there four times to get this with Taylor experimenting with different setups to be able to get enough speed. One time we went there and he could only find three of his soft wheels in the trunk of his car. Months later he said the fourth one showed up jammed inside an old shoe. Sometimes when he was trying it he would bail out of the grind and just drop to flat, it was like watching someone being thrown off a roof.
I’m stoked when I shoot a cover cause it’s pretty hard to get in there with Mike, Oliver, and Seu shooting all this epic shit. We had the mag shipped out to us when we were in Denver on a trip, but someone had already texted Taylor a photo of the cover so the surprise was blown a little. I like how he said in an interview that his favorite thing about getting a cover was rolling joints on it, that’s f—kin’ classic.”

covers – free, may/june 2017

covers – thrasher, april 2015

covers – thrasher, june 2007

covers – the skateboard mag, september 2017

Photo: The Skateboard Mag Cover – September 2017
Jelle Keppens

Skater: Louie Lopez
Trick: Frontside Smith
Spot: Maison Fond
Paris, France

Footage: Volcom, “L’Waiting Game” (2017)
Lannie Rhoades + Ant Travis

Additional Notes:
The Skateboard Mag #162

covers – thrasher, march 2013

Photo: Thrasher Cover – March 2013
Michael Burnett

Skater: Ben Raybourn
Trick: Ollie Indy
Spot: Burnside
Portland, Oregon
United States

Footage: Bones, “New Ground” (2013)

Additional Notes:
ThrasherMagazine.com – Sneak Peek – March 2013
skately – Burnside