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covers – transworld, december 1994

Photo: Transworld Cover – December 1994
Dave Swift

Skater: Geoff Rowley
Trick: 360 Flip
Spot: Oceanside High 13
Oceanside, California
United States

Footage: Transworld, “The Dreams Of Children” (1994)

Additional Notes:
Dave Swift tells the story of the trick:
“It’s funny how all this went down. I might’ve met Geoff Rowley before this day but definitely had never shot a photograph with him. Geoff was fairly new to California and Jeremy Fox brought him to my house and we talked about places Geoff might want to skate. Oceanside High was the spot and when we got there a few others were already skating. I think Danny Mayer was there but I can’t remember who else. So Geoff rolls up to the stairs and tries a pop shove–which he landed first or second try. He ran back up the stairs and said he was gonna try and 360 flip them, which to me at the time seemed impossible. Well, he put it down in a few tries; the first of which you can hear Geoff say “dodgy” in Dreams Of Children, runs back up stairs and does another, cleaner than the first and that was it. Dudes watching were blown away and this shot landed on the cover of TWS soon after in 1994.”

skately – Oceanside High School

covers – transworld, february 1998

Photo: Transworld Cover – February 1998

Skater: Fred Gall
Trick: Kickflip Backside Wallride
Spot: Brooklyn Banks
Manhattan, New York
United States

Footage: Alien Workshop, “Photosynthesis” (2000)

covers – transworld, january 2013

Photo: Transworld Cover – January 2013
Sam Muller

Skater: Raven Tershy
Trick: Ollie Frontside Wallride
Spot: Plaza Edison
Panama City, Panama

Footage: Girl/Chocolate, “Pretty Sweet” (2012)

Additional Notes:
Transworld – January 2013

covers – transworld, may/june 2017

Photo: Transworld Cover – May/June 2017
Ryan Flynn

Skater: Cyrus Bennett
Trick: Ollie
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

Footage: Nike, “58 Tour – East” (2017)
Johnny Wilson

Additional Notes:
Transworld – May/June 2017
Transworld – In This Issue: May/June 2017
Cyrus Bennett Transworld Cover iPhone Angle

covers – transworld, october 1997

Photo: Transworld Cover – October 1997
Skin Phillips

Skater: Chad Muska
Trick: Frontside Lipslide

Footage: Shorty’s, “Fulfill The Dream” (1998)

covers – transworld, february 1994

Photo: Transworld Cover – February 1994
Dave Swift

Skater: Mike Frazier
Trick: Frontside Blunt
Spot: Harrow Halfpipe
Harrow, London

Mike Manzoori, “Sound and Video” (1993)
411vm, “Issue 2” (1993)

Additional Notes:
Dave Swift tells the story of Mike Frazier’s Front Blunt at Harrow Skatepark:
“In the early 90’s the summer trips to the Euro contests were a crazy good time. You’d fly into one country and hop on trains to get to all the contests. In 1993 there were pro contests in Münster, Germany, Antwerp, Belgium and North Hampton, UK (3 consecutive weekends). A day or so prior to the UK contest there was a session at Harrow Skatepark (in 1994 concrete was a rare treat) and Mike Frazier was ruling the janky old relic. I did my best to get my flash(es) ready to get a good shot of him doing the frontside blunt (another rare treat, especially padless in those days) and as luck would have it TWS had a cover!”

Cover mentioned in The Nine Club Show Episode 51 with Ryan Clements

covers – transworld, november 1998

Photo: Transworld Cover – November 1998
Mike Blabac

Skater: Eric Koston
Trick: Backside Nosebluntslide
Spot: Hubba Hideout
San Francisco, California
United States

Footage: Chocolate, “The Chocolate Tour” (1998)

Additional Notes:
skately – Hubba Hideout