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covers – thrasher, january 2012

Photo: Thrasher Cover – January 2012
Joe Brook

Skater: Vincent Alvarez
Trick: Switch Frontside 180 Frontside Nosegrind
Spot: Garfield High School
Seattle, Washington
United States

Footage: Thrasher, “King Of The Road” (2011)

Additional Notes:
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covers – transworld, october 2010

Photo: Transworld Cover – October 2010
Mike O’Meally

Skater: Vincent Alvarez
Trick: Backside Ollie
Carlsbad, California
United States

Footage: Lakai, “Lakairomania” (2010)
Ty Evans

Additional Notes:
Mike O’Meally on the trick/cover, from Transworld’s “2010 Covers & The Stories Behind Them”;
“Shot in a warehouse near TWS.

It was a big gap and really smelly due to all the pyrotechics and smoke in the warehouse that had nowhere to go. It was dark, so the timing was crucial—getting the flames to pop in just the right time and place to highlight Vince as he blasted across that big gap and into the steep landing ramp.

The nicest thing about it being the cover, was that it was a surprise, as we didn’t find out until the winner was announced at TWS at the awards ceremony for S&C. I think Vince was pretty stoked but he’s so humble I think he just took it in stride. Kelly Bird might have been more stoked!

I think it’s one of my favorites, just ’cause it was so difficult photographically and the gap was really big in such a cramped, smoky, and hectic situation, but Vince made it look easy, which is what a good skater always does.”

covers – thrasher, january 2013 (5 of 5)

Photo: Thrasher Cover – January 2013 (5 of 5)
Ben Colen

Skater: Vincent Alvarez
Trick: Kickflip Backside Pivot

Footage: Girl/Chocolate, “Pretty Sweet” (2012)

Additional Notes:
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